Seafood Flavour Extract

Seafood Flavor Extract is a seafood concentrate paste in which the flavor of seafood is isolated in its purest form by use of enzyme technology. 

Seafood Flavor Extract is a natural product and can be produced from different sources of seafood such as cod, pollock, shrimp, lobster etc.


  • All-Natural -   No artificial additives

  • High Quality - Made from fresh, high quality, and sustainable raw material from the North Atlantic Ocean that produce gourmet flavours

  • Consistent -   The flavors are consistent from batch to batch. Provides uniformity in your product with no seasonal variation. 

  • Clean Label - Seafood Flavor Extract has a pure, fresh, natural flavor, aroma, and color characteristics representative of the seafood used to produce the flavor. There are no artificial ingredients (flavor enhancers, coloring agents, preservatives etc.)


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