At North Marine Ingredients we believe in the value of sustainability and optimal use of natural resources

Clean label

There are no chemical additives in our products, nor have they been subject to destructive processing techniques

High Quality

By using our unique proprietary enzyme technology we are able to produce marine ingredients of the highest quality


The Company

Mission and objectives

North Marine Ingredient is an Icelandic biotech company that specializes in better utilization of marine by-products with the use of cold adaptive enzyme technology.


Through innovative process technology developed at North Marine Ingredients, we are able to produce high quality protein, fish bone powder and highest quality seafood flavor extracts from seafood byproducts.


Our mission is to increase the the value of marine by-products with the use of sustainable, chemical free enzyme technology to make a natural, clean-label products that can be used in food and nutraceutical industries.


North Marine Ingredients roots back to the year 1999 and is based on the scientific work developed by North Ltd.


The main objective of North ltd. was to apply cold adaptive enzyme technology into the food industry.


North Ltd. gained valuable knowledge in utilizing cold active enzymes from codfish to produce fish protein hydrolysate, knowledge which is now solely in the possession of North Marine Ingredients.

The Process

New technology 

With new process technology developed at North Marine Ingredients we can now produce products suitable for human consumption and for nutraceutical applications. We use a gentle, low-temperature production process that preserves all the important qualities of fresh raw materials form the pristine waters of the North Atlantic.

Patented process

In the patent pending production process, digestive enzymes from the North Atlantic Codfish (Gadus morhua) are used to extract proteins from raw seafood. The whole process takes place under controlled conditions and materials are subject to low temperatures only in order to preserve the delicate natural characteristics of the seafood. No artificial additives are used, giving our product the highest purity and natural qualities.

Our Products

Seafood Flavour Extract

Seafood Flavor Extract is a frozen concentrated All-Natural Seafood Extract paste that chefs and food technologists can use to create highest quality gourmet seafood recipes, for addition into soups and sauces and various other applications.

Fish Bone Powder

Fish bone, which is separated after removal of muscle proteins on the frame, is a valuable source of calcium, which is an essential element for human health. 

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